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No Parking, No Parking Left, No Parking Right, No Parking Both Ways, No Standing, No Standing Left, No Standing Right, No Standing Both Ways, No Parking Wash Bay, Car Wash Bay, Visitor Parking Only, Visitor Parking Only - Residents Must Not Use For Personal Use, Visitor Parking Only Left, Visitor Parking Only Right, Visitor Parking Only Both Ways No Parking - Keep Clear, No Parking In Driveway, No Parking - 24 hr Use, No Parking Day or Night, Disabled Parking, No Parking, No Standing Any Time, No Standing - Emergency Vehicles Only, Parking, Parking Left, Parking Right, Parking Both Ways, Residents Parking Only Left, Residents Parking Only Right, Residents Parking Only Both Ways. 5 km/h, 10 km/h, Drive Slowly, Caution - Watch for children, Residents Parking Only, Residents Vehicles Only, Visitor Parking Only, Watch for children, Watch for pedestrians, Shared Zone, No Parking In Front Of Garages, No degreasing or mechanical work is to be undertaken in car wash bay. Enry, No Entry, Entry Only, Stop - No Access, Exit, No Exit, Exit Only, Stop Private Property, Stop No Exit, Stop No Entry, Stop, Private Property, No Parking on common property. Round about, round about with Caution, No Left Turn, No Right Turn, No Parking - Offending Vehicles Will Be Towed Away, No Parking - Tow Away Zone, Keep Clear - Tow Away Zone, Residents Vehicles Only - Offending Vehicles Will Be Towed Away, Emergency Vehicles Only - Offending Vehicles Will Be Towed Away, No Vehicle Access, Private Property. No Truck Access, Caution - Speed Humps, Residents Parking Only, Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted, One Way, Keep Left, No Parking in this area at any time, No Parking on Common Property at any time - Offending Vehicles Will Be Towed Away, Entry, Exit, Max Height 2.2m
No ball games, No skateboards, No riding bikes, No rollerblads, No riding bikes, Children must be supervised, No skateboards, No rollerblades, Playground, No scooters, Past this point, Private Property - Residents Only, No smoking on common property - Penalties May Apply. Private Property - No Trespassing, Residents Children Only, No Playing On Common Property, Private Property - Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted, Do Not Dump Household Goods or Furniture Here - Severe Fines Apply, Please Put Out and Retrieve Your Own Bin, No Playing Skateboards Ball Games On Common Property, No Dumping - Put all rubbish in the bins, Place Rubbish and Recycling in appropriate bins, Attention - This is a security building - please ensure all doors are kep locked, Attention - In order to comply with fire regulations please ensure this fire door is kept locked at all times.
Keep the bin area tidy, Put all rubbish in the bin, Separate recycling - paper and cardboard - cans and bottles, Put recycling in the appropriate bin, Bin Room, Large Bin, Chinese Language Bin Signs. Recycling Area - No Rubbish Or Plastic Bags, Recycling Bins, Cans Only, Glass Jars and Bottles Only, Paper and Cardboard Only, Put all rubbish in the bin not on the ground.
Fire Extinguisher, Fire Host, Fire Host For Emergency Or Fire Use Only - Heavy Penalties Apply For Misuse, Emergency Door - Do Not Obstruct - Keep Clean At All Times - Fines May Apply, Offences Relating To Fire Exits.
Please Lock The Door, Please Don't Slam The Door, Please Close The Door, No Smoking, No Junk Mail, Unit Numbers, Electrical Room, Garbage Room, Meter Room, Toilet, Storage Room, Entrance, Office, Watch The Step, Fire Stairs, Stairs.
Exit, Keep Out, Authorised Personnel Only, Electrical Room, Caution Stairs, Watch Your Step, Danger Keep Out, This Area Slippery When Wet, Construction Area, Out of Order, Work in Progress Danger, High Voltage, Electrical Room, Keep Clear, Under Repair, Closed, No Admittance, Emergency Assembly Point, Drive Slowly, Vehicles, No Diving, Pedestrians, Watch For Traffic, Enter At Your Own Risk, 10km/h Pedestrians, Automatic Doors, Watch For Pedestrians
Vacancy, Report to Office on Arrival, Stop - Report to Office, Amenities Block Closed For Cleaning, No Pets Allowed, Pets Welcome, No Camping in This Area, Please Do Not Feed The Wildlife, Cabins, Camping Area, Powered Sites Please Dispose of Liquid Waste Here, These Facilities Are For The Use of Guests Only, Please Clean After Use, Keep Out Staff Only, Private Residence Keep Out, Office Hours, After Hours Service - Ring Bell, Staff Parking Only, Private Road, Guests Only Past This Point, Drive Slowly - Watch For Children, Do Not Leave Valuables In Cars, Guests Playground, Drive At Walking Pace, This Area For Bus and Coach Parking Only, This Area Closed For Cleaning Reception and Enquiries, BBQ Area - Please Clean After Use, Camp Kitchen - Please Clean, Stairs, Lift, Beach Access, Parking Area, Pool, After Hours Key Drop Off, Staff Only Past This Point
Pool Area - Pool Hours - No Running, No Diving, No Bombing, No Glass, No alcohol, No Smoking, Male Toilets, Pool Depth, No Diving, Female Toilets, Sauna, Spa, Please Shower Before Entering Pool, Please Shower Before Entering Spa, No Running in Pool Area, These Facilities Are For The Use Of Residents Only No Bottles, Glasses, Glass Containers in Pool Areas, No Food Or Drink Permitted, Pool Rules, Danger, Please Keep Noise to a Minimum, Security Cameras Used in Pool Area Pool Rules, Pool Hourse - Children Must Be Supervised By An Adult At All Times - Offenders Will Be Removed From Pool Area, Tennis Court Rules, Please Keep This Area Tidy - Take All Rubbish With You When You Leave, Put All Rubbish In The Bine, Watch Your Belongings - No Responsibility Will Be Taken For Lost Or Stolen Property, Think Tidy - Help To Keep This Area Neat and Tidy
Warning - 24hr Video Surveillance, Garages Under 24hr Video Surveillance, Security Cameras, Warning - This Property Protected By Security Cameras, Security Guards Patrol THis Property, Caution - Securiy Cameras, Caution - Security Guards Patrol This Property, Lift Under 24hr Video Surveillance
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